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Welcome April 2019! Our sensible and fantastic LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com shares her channelled steerage and Energetic theme for April 2019:
“This is a very fascinating month with many ups and downs, twists and turns, eccentric insights, and modifications and reversals that may undoubtedly maintain you on your toes.
“The themes of Fact, Selection and Motion create a channel for transformation that is very similar to the delivery canal. The only approach out is by going via it and there is no going again.
“Fact comes as an internal figuring out not yet outlined.
“Selection is the emotional commitment that wants no rationalization or cause.
“Action is the disciplined follow-through that anchors a brand new path.
“We frequently consider fact as one thing related to our ideas and intellect, one thing we will define and explain, but fact on this context is a fuller figuring out and more of an perception that does not yet have a psychological definition.
“Fact will come from an intuitive response that precedes understanding and should be trusted as genuine. This is challenging as fact is very private and your fact won’t be everybody’s expertise.
“It is necessary to say your personal fact on the similar time permitting others to say theirs with out judgment.
“The monkey wrench in all of this is the deceptive quality or the artisan artistic power we now have as an underlying theme for the yr. This power supports prospects for manipulating ‘truth’ to feed the ego and the wishes of the false character.
“In case your fact is not coming from a spot of neutrality and essence however moderately from a spot of motivation by one of the 7 obstacles (Greed, Self–Destruction, Vanity, Self-Deprecation, Impatience, Martyrdom, Stubbornness) then you’re weak to some deception. You will also need to observe for others throwing their ‘truth’ at you that is clearly motivated by ego and filled with self-deception.
“Any fact that appears to have a neat little definition and rationalization is in all probability compromised by machinations of the false character.
“Watch for projection as a excessive chance this month and set some good boundaries towards taking something personally that comes at you from others. This goes for your personal conduct as properly. Declare your fact however don’t venture it onto others. Make sure that your fact is motivated by essence and not your false character.
“In the event you require others to agree together with your fact, there is possible a motive and attachment fed by ego.
“Selection will comply with an perception or inside understanding as the dedication of the guts to make a change or to proceed in a certain course.
“This is also an intuitive process that requires trust in your personal fact that is driving the selection.
“For example, if your fact is that you’ll want to relocate as a result of your surroundings does not help you regardless of the attachment of your group, livelihood and associates, then it’s a must to trust that it is the appropriate selection to maneuver despite all of the reasoning from yourself and others about why it might be a nasty concept.
“Watch for worry to surface as a challenge to overcome. Worry that you may be making the flawed selection, worry that you simply will be unable to comply with by means of, worry that you simply gained’t have what it takes, worry that your life will worsen and not higher, all of which are really the mind simply eager to take again management over what it does not understand by inserting doubt into your fact.
“Action is what follows as the confirmation of your selection. If your fact is an insight that a relationship is not right for you, and the choice is to make a change, then the action step is to bodily full the ending of that relationship.
“There is a saying, ‘talk is cheap’ and actions converse louder than words. So, you will want to step it up this month and be disciplined about following via together with your decisions and selections.
“For those who don’t comply with via with motion because of worry, doubt, ambivalence, or fear about what others might imagine, chances are you’ll get lost within the limbo place of not with the ability to transfer forward.
“Keep in mind the delivery canal. The only approach out is by means of. Getting caught shall be very uncomfortable.
“Probably the most essential methods to navigate this month is to keep a ‘don’t know mind’ in addition to being unattached to how the top outcome will manifest.
“This was also a theme for final month as allowing for that ‘next step’ to seek out you rather than the rational mind making an attempt to regulate it.
“Worry of the unknown can set off the thoughts’s worry mechanism to return out with all types of unfavourable ‘what if’ situations.
“The longer term is a void of prospects and should you keep present together with your fact and permit for your genuine decisions to guide your actions, you’ll manifest the proper state of affairs for yourself.
“However keep in mind to maintain a really disciplined ‘don’t know mind’ and not take something personally that others try and undertaking onto you.
“As a result of the month has ups and downs, twists and turns and potential bizarre and unexplainable events, it is more essential than ever to remain out of judgment and to maintain a ‘wait and see’ angle.
“Any expectation that is hooked up to a specific consequence is subject to disappointment when things take a special flip.
“Fact this month will affect many areas of your life from health points to relationships, out of your distinctive needs to your true wishes, from work to objective and far more.
“You gained’t be capable of please everyone together with your decisions and you’re more likely to create disappointment and reactions in others but this is where it’s essential keep neutral and true to yourself.
“Some will disagree together with your actions, and if they do it is because of their very own worry of change and their own attachment to their comfort that features you remaining acquainted to them.
How the month exhibits up:
“This could be a great month of change for you however a few of the fact could also be arduous to face. The distractions to your personal inside private work may be an awesome temptation and necessary to overcome and discipline will help.
“In case you are having problem with self-discipline around greater issues, follow self-discipline round baby steps and practices in your life that are not such massive life altering situations. For instance, in case you are a type of that have your telephone or pc on all the time and are all the time obtainable, attempt a discipline of shutting down at a certain time of day and keep on with it as a option to help extra free time for yourself.
“The areas the place fact might be troublesome to face this month might be round your private habits, religious commitment, relationships, work, or well being situations which might be either not supporting or serving you, or not getting sufficient attention and power from you.
“This consists of your beliefs and thought processes that could be obsessive or unfavorable, all the time fearing the worst, or it might embrace addictions, dissatisfaction with life, and never taking duty for your self by anticipating others to fix it, and within the course of, giving your whole energy away.
“You’ve gotten an ideal opportunity right here to take full duty for your life, your fact, your decisions and your actions.
“No one is going to fix it for you. You possibly can receive steerage and course however you’re the one which has to embrace your personal next step and present up.
“It is time to cease complaining, blaming, judging and disassociating. Interact in life, serve yourself and be an example to others.
“A difficult month for relationships as they are probably the most weak to projection, blame and taking things personally. They’re also one of the areas where fact is more likely to encourage decisions and actions that not everyone is proud of.
“Your job is to stay as neutral as potential and face no matter fact that comes from a deeper intuition. The bigger problem may additionally be accepting someone else’s fact that impacts your personal attachments and comfort degree ultimately.
“However, look for and settle for help that comes your method by means of relationships which might be magnetized to some selection you’re inspired to make and some action you’re motivated to take.
“Help that comes your means that feels right is in all probability genuine. Belief it if it feels true to you.
“Be open to new experiences around relationships and take a while to actually inform the reality about what is working and what isn’t in your current ones. Essential relationships particularly might use a assessment and some fact about what might be improved.
“This is an necessary month to pay attention and tell the reality about your well being on all ranges.
“The bodily physique is your container for this lifetime and the only one you’ve.
“Nobody else can take duty for your well being and vitality. This is your process and it is advisable to be proactive with it.
“In case you are passive about your personal self-care and allow others to dictate, you aren’t permitting your private fact to information your decisions and actions. This is a really subjective area since everyone is distinctive of their wants and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.
“If the truth you might have to face about your personal well being and vitality is difficult, it might throw you into despair or melancholy. It is imperative that you simply take a proactive angle and allow that fact to move you into selection after which action.
“In some methods, the self-discipline required to help your health in a constructive method may be harder than round different areas of your life. Typically child steps are essential to determine new routines which might be extra supportive to you.
“Fact, Selection and Motion interact the 6th, 4th and third chakras. How this will likely affect your well being this month is feeling foggy headed, having hassle with nausea or digestion, and going by means of emotional ups and downs.
“Concentrate on it all from a place of neutrality without rationalizing, blaming or judging. It is also essential that you simply chorus from making an attempt to regulate others by imposing your personal beliefs about what you assume is true and greatest for them. If they want your enter, they’ll ask.
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“Embrace fact, make decisions and take action.
“Some fact will excite and encourage you, some might depress or shock you and a few will confuse you. Some decisions can be straightforward to make and some troublesome. Some actions can be easy and some may be hooked up to worry and doubt.
“An important factor is to keep the power shifting. Keep in mind the delivery canal. If one thing needs to be accomplished, do it proactively.
“If a undertaking wants attention, give it. If a partnership is not working, handle it.
“It could possibly be a turbulent time for understanding what is occurring across the physical structure of your life. Maintain ‘don’t know mind’ and focus in your fact as the guideline.
“This is not a month to take a seat again and wait for someone else to step in and repair a state of affairs that you’ve duty for. However, if it is not your duty, don’t take it on.
“You’ve gotten the opportunity to step as much as the subsequent degree in the best way you show up.
“This is a very good month for making a bid for power around something that you simply actually need for yourself. It might be a new business concept or an enlargement of a current one, a new course for your work or a completion of a dependency on others.
“Ensure that this bid for power is motivated by authentic fact and clear selection and your actions will then be enormously supported.
“Your bodily surroundings might take successful as decisions are made and modifications occur. Watch for plumbing and water issues, electrical malfunctions, accidents, breakage and different inconveniences, some great, some small.
“The bodily surroundings is within the strategy of adjusting itself to modifications in frequency and vibration on the planet and is having a little bit of a time of it.
“The local weather and weather may be squirrelly this month because it helps the eccentricity and emotional ups and downs of the occasions. Be flexible in your plans and check out not to resist natural occasions which will have an effect on your intentions.
“Fact related to your surroundings requires presence in noticing what needs consideration. This can be the time you make a selection to fix or upgrade one thing you could have been procrastinating or dwelling with for a long time.
“You might turn out to be more sensitive to the consequences your setting has on you and want to make modifications the place you possibly can to help you higher.
“It is an excellent month for fact round environmental points to grow to be extra transparent and unavoidable despite resistance, blame and self-deception.
“As an alternative of reacting to what is occurring or not occurring ‘out there’, look to creating the appropriate decisions round your personal setting and take the motion essential to improve your personal again yard.
“Have an exquisite month!

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